Once you have purchased a log home kit, your options for living are limitless. Perhaps you envision a wooded area surrounding your cabin that brings back the camping days of your youth. Or a secluded area where you can enjoy living off the grid. Maybe an area by the lake perfect for summer days of kayaking or fishing is more your speed. These homes are already versatile, and our kits make them even more so.  

Aside from the vast choices log home kits allow, here are some added benefits to log home living: 

Energy Efficiency

If you’ve lived in an older home, you have experienced the drafty winters they bring with them. When contemplating a log home, people often wonder if they will experience the same thing, especially if they have chosen a colder location. 

The high R-value of wood combined with its thermal mass helps the temperature of your log home to be right where you want it: warm in the winter, cool in the summer. The logs essentially collect the sun’s heat during the day and store it until it is released on those cold nights. Over the summer, the logs slow down the process of heat being released into the home. Therefore, you have a natural energy-efficient house that will lessen your bills and keep you comfortable.  


Unique Look

With new developments going up all the time, it becomes harder and harder to find an aesthetically pleasing, one-of-a-kind home. American Log Homes offers 25 unique, prefab, log cabin kits that can be further customized to suit your needs. That means you are able to choose the home that you find the most visually pleasing AND make sure it is livable for you and your family.  

If you choose to build your log home in a wooded or rustic area, you now have a house that blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Your house becomes an integral part of the scenery, reminding you why you chose to build it in the first place. Not in a rustic area? Building a log home in an established subvision is a great way to be the best looking home on the block. 


Built to Last

Maybe you’ve heard the stories of log homes withstanding the fierce wind and weather from various storms and hurricanes. Due to the strength and weight of the wood, your home is much more likely to stay damage-free in severe weather. You can rest assured your family will be safe, and your house will remain standing. 

Logs’ weight and strength are also a reason you still see standing log homes at historical sites. These homes are built to last and do for centuries. When you purchase your log home kit and build it into the home of your dreams, you are also making a long-lasting investment. You now have a unique and reliable property to pass down to your children or grandchildren already filled with the memories you have given them over the years. 


The Quiet Life

Imagine turning the television off each night and just listening to the sounds of nature. The log home lifestyle is one of the outdoors and enjoying the simple things. It’s one of slowing down and finally taking a well-deserved break. It’s doing what you love to do but never had time to: spending all day fishing, taking a leisurely walk through the woods, or simply winding down at the end of the day on your new front porch.  

Even if your home is right in the middle of a crowded neighborhood, it’s like the idea of a log home was created with peace and serenity in mind. The wood walls have a sound deafening quality to them, automatically making the home a quieter one. In addition, curved log profiles help to alter sound waves, creating quieter rooms. Out of its materials alone, log homes have the power to create a serene oasis in an otherwise chaotic landscape. 




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