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Family owned and operated, American Log Homes was started in 2002 by Mike Wilson and his daughter, Michele. 

Mike has a long history with log homes, having been in the log home industry since 1980. His daughter Michele joined him in 1994, two years after graduating from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

When Michele started her own family in 2001, Mike and Michele decided to branch off on their own and create their own company. So January 2002 was the start of American Log Homes and the next generation, the birth of Adam, Michele’s only son.

Mike’s wife, Katie, who had been beside Mike throughout the start of the business, eventually joined the company and became head of advertising, then part-owner.

Our head of drafting, Michael Baker, has been with the company since its inception. He has been in the log home industry for over 40 years. His son, Josh, has also begun to follow in his father’s footsteps and is now drafting plans and getting kits ready to cut for American Log Homes. So when we say our business is family owned and operated, we mean it.

Mike Wilson became ill in 2016, and Michele took over the day-to-day operations.  

Michele and Katie now run American Log Homes. Together, they have rebranded the company, including investing in an increased online presence with Facebook and Instagram accounts and an updated website.  In 2022, the company introduced tiny homes in addition to its log home offerings. As a result, the company is now called American Log Homes and Cabins.

The entire team at American Log Homes and Cabins is incredibly grateful to its amazing dealers and customers. We think we have the best job in the world–helping people get their dream home, an American log cabin or tiny house! 

About Our Process

log home kits American Log Homes does not sell directly to the public, only through our dealer network. Our trained dealers are armed with extensive construction knowledge and are able to answer questions and inform customers about our log homes. Our marketing and drafting departments are committed to providing our dealers the wealth of knowledge and industry experience American Log Homes has gained through the years. Working with a dealer allows for a clear and consistent line of communication throughout the entire process. 

When beginning the process of putting together your log home, the initial step is selecting one of our 25 standard styles and working with our drafting department to make any modifications you might want. After that, you will be provided with as many sets of blueprints as are necessary, along with printed and numbered instructions for building the home.   

Our kits will be shipped to you from our plant via flatbed truck and can be unloaded either by hand or forklift. We prefer to ship only the materials you cannot purchase locally; in other words, we sell what we manufacture. A customer then has the ability to negotiate with local building supply companies for all of the conventional materials. As a result, that customer will save money through those negotiations and will not incur unnecessary marked up prices and shipping charges. 

Once all the materials are delivered, most builders and “do-it-yourselfers” should be able to follow the blueprints and instructions provided to construct their new homes. If not, hiring local builders and contractors will be your final step. And along the way, we at American Log Homes are always available with answers. 

After your log home is complete make sure that you give us a call and send along pictures! We consider every home buyer to be a part of the American Log Homes family and really love hearing stories of life in your new dream home! 

About Our Logs

American Log Homes are constructed with only native southern yellow pine logs. These solid logs ensure your new home is built to last and withstand severe weather. We intentionally work with this species because of its durability. Its load-bearing capacity and structural strength make it an ideal material.  

The 6” high by 8” wide heart of the tree logs can be cut flat or round inside at no additional cost, allowing you to further customize your own home. These logs provide you high R-Value insulation, which ensures a warm house in the colder months and a cool house in the warmer ones. Essentially, by using our logs, you are building an energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free dream home. 

About Our Logs



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