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The past 3 years have seen record breaking sales for American Log Home dealers. In order to keep up with demand and ensure the kits are delivered in a timely manner, we are pausing new dealership opportunities.

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Why Log Homes?

  1. Log homes have led the way in alternative home sales the past 20 years.
  2. In many cases higher resale value than a comparable conventional home.
  3. Log homes are virtually maintenance free.
  4. Log homes are energy efficient. This will keep heating and cooling bills to a minimum.
  5. Natural beauty that is both rustic and modern, which fits from subdivisions to countrysides.

Why an American Log Home?

  1. American Logs Homes are energy efficient. When properly constructed they offer any insulation envelope desired. The logs are estimated to have up to 6 times the insulating capacity of brick with equal thickness.

  2. American Logs Homes can be built for 1/3 less than conventional housing. For “do-it-yourselfers” the savings are virtually unlimited.

  3. American Logs Homes are constructed of 8 inch treated southern yellow pine. All logs are uniform cut with no water ledges.

  4. American Logs Homes offer great foundation flexibility. They adapt to pier, slab, crawl space, or full basement foundations.

  5. American Logs Homes offer ease of construction with each log corresponding directly to blue prints furnished by the company.

  6. American Logs Homes offer 25 standard designs or you can customize, to your specifications, the home of your dreams. Commercial designing is also available.

  7. American Logs Homes supplies as many sets of blue prints that you or your builder needs for construction.

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Typical Questions Asked By Prospective Dealers

Q. What type of support does the dealer receive?
A. The home office personnel with years and years of experience in log home sales and manufacturing, are eager and readily available to assist dealers anytime.
Q. What other costs, besides the purchase of an American Log Homes kit at DEALER PRICE, would I have to become a dealer?
A. Absolutely none. There are no franchise fees or royalties to be paid to American Log Homes.
Q. How does the dealer obtain sales leads?
A. Inquiries forwarded from home office and proven local advertising by dealer will generate leads.
Q. Can a dealer use the name American Log Homes in connection to their company name and advertising?
A. Certainly, we encourage dealers to to that.
Q. What monetary compensation does a dealer receive per sale?
A. The dealer is an independent contractor and may set their own prices for goods and services. American Logs Homes offers a suggested retail price only on their kits.
Q. Does American Log Homes furnish training materials to the dealers?
A. Yes. Complete and comprehensive training materials are supplied.
Q. What about point of sale material?
A. A liberal supply of brochures and sales techniques are supplied to all dealers.

Dealership Requirements

Purchase an American Log Homes kit at Dealer Price from a choice of 25 models: prices start from $14,750. A Small Deposit ONLY required for start-up.
I. Dealer to Receive
  1. American Log Home at Dealer Price.
  2. Company furnished leads.
  3. Initial brochure supply, consumer information, literature, etc.
  4. Training at our facilities.
  5. Factory construction and assembly information.
  6. Technical and architectural drawings.
  7. Liberal, defined, protected territory in your area.
II. Dealer's Duties
  1. Establish retail sales with a defined territory.
III. Gross Profit Per Sale
  1. Phone, Fax or E-mail for a dealer price sheet.
  2. Dealer earns up to $18,000 profit per sale of home in kit form.
  3. Additional profits may be made from services and materials furnished from your local area.
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